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PE Coated Metalized Films

Author:luiz Date:2014/8/11 14:18:33
PE Coated Metalized Films

These films are to be laminated with XLPE/NPE foam sheet by heating roller.For this process laminating machine is required essentially.

Detailed Product Descriptions:
Material : Metallized PET/BOPP/Al foil film coated PE film
Color : Silver,red,blue,green etc.
Customize high quality with competitive price
Good hot melting
Width : 100 mm to 1600 mm
PE Coating : Up to 60 microns


Our PE coating packaging film is an untreated metallized PET film coated transparent PE film that combines high strength and durability, good dimensional stability and excellent barrier properties .Our PE coating packaging film maintains these characteristics and is also hot melting treated on one side to enhance adhesive to other materials.


Our PE coating packaging film / foil have excellent slip and good dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. They can be hot melting to other materials to enhance barrier properties. These films can be used in a variety of coating and converting processes and packaging applications.

Hot melting provides good surface adhesion for other materials.
Can be pasted or laminated using methods suitable for hot melting treated polyester
Excellent handling characteristics
Available in special grade suitable for lamination