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EPE faom/PE

EPE faom/PE
Product name:EPE faom/PE
 EPE coated PE, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, EPE / PE / VMPET. It produces numerous independent bubbles formed by low-density polyethylene resin produced by the physics of foam, to overcome the ordinary styrofoam brittle deformation, the shortcomings of poor response, with impermeable to moisture, vibration, noise, thermal insulation, good plasticity and toughness strong, recycling, environmental protection, impact resistance and other advantages, but also has good chemical resistance, is the traditional ideal alternative packaging materials. Widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, construction materials, handicrafts, household appliances, wine and gift packaging. After adding antistatic agents and flame retardants, more unique properties. EPE EPE leaching was also widely used in handbags luggage PE lining, industrial production, sound insulation, heat insulation materials, insulation materials, sporting goods, protective pads, lifesaving equipment, household floors. Features:
(1) Light, easy to leak, fire resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV.
(2) Foam density: 0.03 g / cm
(3) Size: according to customers' requirements.
(4) thickness, 1mm-4mm
(5) temperature, -60
-90 Tensile strength 3KG / cm Tear strength 3.8KG / cm elongation (70 ) 120%,
0.8% shrinkage (6) packing: according to customer needs.